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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America, after Greater São Paulo. People from Buenos Aires are referred to as porteños (people of the port). Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination, and is known for its European style architecture and rich cultural life, with the highest concentration of theatres in the world.


Wrestling in Buenos Aires


In the capital of Argentina, the national Wrestling Federation has its headquarters, and of course there are also wrestling clubs. At the moment, we could find more than twenty of them.
Here are the

Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense CENARD
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Boca Juniors
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Club Athletico San Lorenzo
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Pana Wrestling Team
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Club Comunicaciones
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Macabi
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Club Athletico  Independiente
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Club Ferro Carril Oeste
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Ateneo Don Bosco
Ciudad Autonoma Buenos Aires Bonarense Ronin Gym
Provincia B. Aires Ituzaingo Bonarense Club Alas y Raices
Provincia B. Aires Ituzaingo Bonarense Instituto Dojang
Provincia B. Aires Parlomar Bonarense Colegio Militar
Provincia B. Aires Avellaneda Bonarense Polideportiva Gatica
Provincia B. Aires Pinamar Bonarense Esc. Municipal L.O. Pinamar
Provincia B. Aires Mar del Plata Marplatense Club Athletico  Penarol
Provincia B. Aires Mar del Plata Marplatense Centro Deportivo Luz y Fuerza
Provincia B. Aires Jose C. Paz Bonarense Sabroso Team
Provincia B. Aires Don Torcuato Bonarense Club de Lucha Don Torcuato
Provincia B. Aires Villa Gesell Bonarense Lucha Olimpica Villa Gesell
Provincia B. Aires San Justo Bonarense Club Colon San Justo
Provincia B. Aires General Puyrredon Bonarense Club General Puyrredon
Provincia B. Aires Guamini Bonarense Club Guamini


The Centro Nacional de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo (CeNARD)

is located at Miguel B. Sanchez 1050 / Avenida del Libertador, in Núñez neighborhood, Buenos Aires. From the city center from “Retiro train station” by tram (towards El Tigre) at the station Núñez. In its facilities the high performance athletes do their training. It is where most of the Argentine national teams and the national wrestling team as well. The infrastructure is excellent. There is a cafeteria and a sports hotel on the premises. In tournaments, the athletes will be housed there and cared for. For foreign wrestlers free accommodation is possible by prior arrangement. If you are interested, please contact Wilson Medina Nazaret

Headcoach: Erik Leon (Cuba),

Coaches: Wilson Medina (Colombia),Ramiro Maggiolo, Angel Gabriel Medile, Javier Broschini.

Boca Juniors

left: a group of Boca Junior Wrestlers
Middle: The Wrestling Idol Alexander Karelin (Russia) vistited Boca Juniors Club with Coach Ramiro Maggiolo.
Rigth: A FILA Delegation with Karelin visited Buenos Aires (Save Olympic Wrestling Campaign) in September 2013.

Here wrestle some good athletes such as the National Champions Fernando Iglesias, Luz Clara Vascez (both 3.Pan American Champion) and the currently best female wrestler in the country Patricia Bermudez.

Coach: Boca Juniors
Ramiro Maggiolo
Mobil 1122238939, Home: 4361 9693,


The former national coach of austria, Bruno Hartmann visitet 2013 Boca Juniors.

Hotel Recomendation:
Not far from the Center (San Telmo) and close to the Boca Juniors Training Center (walking distance)

Circus Hostel & Hotel
--54 011 4300-4983

Calle Chacabuco
Cheap, clean and friendly
Prizes from USD 10,00 including Breakfast (four Bed Room)

Pana wrestling team

Founder team is Javier de Broschini who wrestled for Argentina some international competitions from 1995 to 2007.

Trainings Center Sinergia deportiva - Campillo 2425, Parque Chas


San Lorenzo!/sanlorenzo.luchaolimpica?fref=pymk

Ciudad Deportiva del Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro. Dirección: Av. Francisco Fernández de La Cruz 2145, CABA.

Club Comunicaciones
Av. San Martín 5125, Capital Buenos Aires
Lucha Club Comunicaciones Farfi in Buenos Aires (Nuevos Gladiatores)
Barrio: Agronomia

Avenida San Martin y Tinogasta
Tel.: 4504-5454
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Infantiles under 14 years, de 19:30 – 20:30
Adults, 20:45 – 20:30



Members of Macabi Wrestling Club

Lucha Macabi (jewish Wrestling Club Buenos Aires)

Dirección completa: Tucumán 3135 – CABA (Convenio con Macabi).
Day and hours of práctice: Youth Monday and Wednesday  18.30 a 19.30 hs.
Adults: Monday and Wednesday  19:30 a 21:00hs.

Sargento Cabral 4200 | San Miguel, Buenos Aires


Avellaneda (Centro de Combate -Center)

Judo, Wrestling, Karate, Boxing and Taekwondo
El polideportivo Gatica de Villa Dominico.
Avenida Mitre al 5000, Villa Domínico.
Tel.: Secretaría de Deportes al 5533-9900
Avellaneda ist ein Vorort von Buenes Aires
mostly Juniors

Club Atletico Independiente – Buenos Aires (Avellaneda)
A big multiple Sports Team with a professional soccer team.

Direccióncompleta: Av. Mitre 470
Teléfonode contacto: 1140501296
Days and hours: Thuesday and Thursday 20.00 a 22.00 hs Saturday 15.30 a 17.30 hs

Profesor: Luis Eduardo Domínguez (15-4050-1296)


Club Ferro Carril Oeste – Buenos Aires

A big multiple Sports Team.
Avenida Avellaneda / Puente Caballito

Direccióncompleta: Av. Avellaneda 1240 CABA

Teléfonode contacto: 1140501296
Días y horarios of práctice: Monday, Thuesday, Wednesday and Friday 20.00 a 22.00 hs


Lucha olimpica “Alas y Raices” in Ituzaingo

Founded in the yaer 2001 by the Ex National Coach Jorge Perez as social project for youth.
“Alas y Raices” (Wings and Roots) is one of the best clubs in the junior Categorie in Argentina.

Direccióncompleta: Belén 1474
Teléfonode contacto: 1144810326
Days and hours of pratice: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 20:00 a 22:00 hs


Ateneo Cultural y Deportivo Don Bosco


Trainings Times: Tuesdays und Thursdays 16 to 20 hrs und Saturdays 15 to 19 hrs

Adress: Humboldt 298 y Bolivar 1704 Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires

Colegio Militar de la Nación     (Military Wrestling Club)  
sito en Benjamín Matienzo S/N

El Palomar - Provincia. de Buenos Aires (more than 1 hour outside of the city)
Cuadra de Lucha Olimpica
Coach: Angel Gabriel Medile


Escuela Muncipal de Lucha Olimpica de Pinamar
Profesor Carlos Alberto Vario

Horarios: 9-12hs.  y  14-17hs.
Sede: Sociedad de Fomento Amigos de Ostende

Lyon esq. Misiones
Lunes y Miercoles
Sede: Polideportivo Municipal (Direccion de Deportes)
Tel. (02254) 491628
Martes y Jueves


Mar del Plata

Centro Cultural y Deportivo Luz y Fuerza
Asociacion Marplatense de Lucha Olimpica
25 de Mayo 4115 (entre Olazabal y San Juan)
7600- Mar del Plata
Provincia Buenos Aires
Clases: Miercoles 19:30-20:30 hs  y  20:30-21:30 hs.
Viernes: 20:30-22:00 hs.

Penarol Wrestling Club – Mar del Plata!/Wrestling.Arg

Sabroso Team

Stadt:  José C. Paz
Dirección del Lugar: Peron al 4922
días de clase: Martes, Jueves y viernes de 17:00 a 21:30 hs
Profesor a cargo: Sergio Orozco
Dirección de correo:

Teléfono: 02320 – 427579



Ronin Gym
Vicente Lopez Buenos Aires

Street, Francisco N. de Laprida 2929, 1602 Florida, Buenos Aires
MMA and Wrestling Gym with  Cristian Karlikowski and Wilson Medina from the national team.

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12  /  2015