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Chile, is a South American country occupying a long, narrow strip of land between the Andes to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It borders Peru to the north, Bolivia to the northeast, Argentina to the east, and the Drake Passage in the far south. Chilean territory includes the Pacific islands of Juan Fernández, Salas y Gómez, Desventuradas, and Easter Island in Oceania. Chile also claims about 1,250,000 square kilometres (480,000 sq mi) of Antarctica, although all claims are suspended under the Antarctic Treaty.

The arid Atacama Desert in northern Chile contains great mineral wealth, principally copper. The relatively small central area dominates in terms of population and agricultural resources, and is the cultural and political center from which Chile expanded in the late 19th century when it incorporated its northern and southern regions. Southern Chile is rich in forests and grazing lands, and features a string of volcanoes and lakes. The southern coast is a labyrinth of fjords, inlets, canals, twisting peninsulas, and islands.


The main attractions for tourists are places of natural beauty situated in the extreme zones of the country: San Pedro de Atacama, in the north, is very popular with foreign tourists who arrive to admire the Incaic architecture, the altiplano lakes, and the Valley of the Moon. In Putre, also in the north, there is the Chungará Lake, as well as the Parinacota and the Pomerape volcanoes, with altitudes of 6,348 m and 6,282 m, respectively. Throughout the central Andes there are many ski resorts of international repute, including Portillo, Valle Nevado and Termas de Chillán. The main tourist sites in the south are national parks (the most popular is Conguillío National Park in the Araucanía) and the coastal area around Tirúa and Cañete with the Isla Mocha and the Nahuelbuta National Park, Chiloé Archipelago and Patagonia, which includes Laguna San Rafael National Park, with its many glaciers, and the Torres del Paine National Park. The central port city of Valparaíso, which is World Heritage with its unique architecture, is also popular. Finally, Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean is one of the main Chilean tourist destinations.

For locals, tourism is concentrated mostly in the summer (December to March), and mainly in the coastal beach towns. Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, La Serena and Coquimbo are the main summer centres in the north, and Pucón on the shores of Lake Villarrica is the main centre in the south. Because of its proximity to Santiago, the coast of the Valparaíso Region, with its many beach resorts, receives the largest number of tourists. Viña del Mar, Valparaíso's northern affluent neighbor, is popular because of its beaches and casinos.

Sports in Chile

Sports in Chile are performed at both amateur and professional levels, practiced both at home and abroad to develop and improve, or simply represent the country. Football is the most popular sport in Chile, and is played for a range of reasons.  However, the country's most successful sport is tennis. In rural areas, Chilean rodeo is the most practiced sport in Chile, which is the national sport, and is considered to be the second most popular sport, after football . Chile has achieved great international success in other sports, and there have been important figures, however, such exploits are not known to the general population because they are not sports that have been popular throughout the country.



Wrestling in Chile

Wrestling is called Lucha Olimpica in spanish and the chilean Wrestling Federation is called: Fedenaloch, (Federación Deportiva Nacional de Lucha Olímpica de Chile)
The Headquarter of the Federation is in the capitol Santiago de Chile. Wrestling in Chile is a small sport with more or less 15 Wrestling Clubs. The most Clubs are in or around Santiago.


Bronce Pan american Championships Christobal Torres.


International Situation

The chilean Wrestling Federation won the first Medal at World Championships 2017 in Paris. The born Cuban Yasmani Acosta Fernandez reached bronce in 130Kg Greco. The Chilean Athletes made some big steps forward on international tournaments. The technical development is supported by some Cuban Coaches including the former World Champion Nestor Almanza. Andrés Ayub was 2012 in London the first Olympian in wrestling for Chile.

 The first medal at World Championships in wrestling for Chile won Yasmani Acosta Fernandez 2017 in Paris.

International most succesful Athletes:

Yasmani Acosta Fernandez 130Kg Greco
Bronce World Championships París 2017
Silver Pan American Champioships 2017

Andrés Ayub Valenzuela 130Kg Greco
3 x Gold Southamerican Champ, 1 x Silver Pan American Champ, 1 x Bronce Pan American Champ, Olympian 2012 in London
Cristóbal Torres 59 Kg Greco
1 x Gold Southamerican Champ, 1 x Bronce Pan American Champ
Andrés Quispe Fajardo 57kg Freestyle
2 x Silver Southamerican Champ

Eduardo Gajardo 74 Kg Freestyle
1 x Gold Southamerican Champ



 Andres Quispe                                                   Andres Ayub                                                  Christobal Torres

National Situation

The Chilean Wrestling Federation has increased tremendously the niveau of their international athletes with the signing of three internationally experienced Cuban coaches. With the 1993 World Champion Nestor Almanza as a headcoach has done a stroke of luck. Good sporting relations with Cuba made it possible to visit the Caribbean island for some trainingcamp on worldclass level. The best training conditions in Chile are in the Centro de Alto Rendimiento, Ñuñoa, Santiago de Chile. Here the national team trained under Cuban guidance on an international level.

Wrestling Clubs in Chile


National Team

Centro de Alto Rendimiento, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile
Calle: Pedro de Valdivia # 4801
Metro Station: Grecia
Bus to Estadio National

Headcoach: Nestor Almanza (Cuba)
Coach: Eugenio Montero (Cuba)
Coach: Santiago Nibaldo Candia (Cuba)




Av. Ramón Cruz Montt # 1176, Ñuñoa, Santiago, Chile.
Tel: (+56-9) 93431630 (+56-9) 74995922



Facebook Site chilean Wrestling Federation


Av. Ramón Cruz 1176. Of: 506  – Ñuñoa
Fono: (+56 2) 22723870



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