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Wrestling Center Dormagen - AC Ückerath

National Center for youth and female Wrestling


The Wrestling Center Dormagen - AC Ückerath (in the district Nievenheim) is the current National training center for female wrestling in Germany. The corresponding club is the AC Ückerath.
In women's wrestling, the Athletic Club was Ückerath pioneer and founded in 1982 the first female wrestling group in Germany. Back then, wrestling was still a purely male domain, and official female fights were not allowed.
In 1992 the club began colloborating with the Scool (Bertha-von-Suttner-Gesamtschule in Dormagen-Nievenheim)  with a wrestling  project.

The wrestlers of the AC Ückerath won twice the Award by Dresdner Bank and the German Olympic Sports Federation (DSB)  the "Green Belt of good talent in the club." because of its outstanding youth in the female area.
Seven years after his first award was given to the AC Ückerath the Green Belt of Dresdner Bank for the second time, the jury the best education praised the talent development project (wrestling) in collaboration with the Bertha-von-Suttner-comprehensive school and the surrounding primary schools. As talent center and base of the country's power AC Ückerath offer with part boarding good conditions, athletic and academic performance needs to bring it into line with each other and promote. This gives the students the part boarding a personal career management and are well trained instructors trained in the long term and targeted promotion. These measures are supported. By the trade associations and the Olympic Training Center Cologne / Bonn / Leverkusen.


We are pleased to inform you that the Grand Prix of Germany - Wrestling Women / Seniors, Juniors and Cadets (LF) will take place again in 2013 in Dormagen/Ger. As before the tournament will be held for women (seniors, juniors) and cadets.

Please note the date of the tournament:
17. – 19. May 2013

The AC Ückerath organizes this high class tournament since sixteen years. In year 2003 the tournament achieved the status “Grand Prix of Germany”.


The female wrestling national team holds training camp frequently in Dormagen. Here the three new national coaches of  the
German  female team Nicolea Ghita, Alexandra Engelhardt and Patrik Loes.



The female coach in Ückerath is Heinz Schmitz. The current Top wrestlers are:

Ramona, Franziska und Natascha Ballas, Nina Hemmer, (Junior European Champ 2012 in 51Kg) Laura Mertens, Kimberly Grieß, Denise Schultheiß, Nicole Schulz, Laura Heupgen Daniela and Michelle Kalek.
And the former national athetes Annett Kamke (Junior European Champ 1997) Alexandra Engelhardt (2. European Champ 2006), Lisa Hug, Ivonne Englich  und Stephanie Groß (triple Vice Worldchampion) was temporary members of AC Ückerath.


The AC Ückerath is running a Male Wrestling Team as well.


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